July 15, 2021
TCMV launched trucks and van of Wuling in Vietnam

This trio of products (including 2 trucks and 1 van) was brought to Vietnam through the cooperation between TC Motor Vietnam Company (TCMV) and SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile). SGMW is the joint venture of three reputable and exceptional global companies which are SAIC Motor – China’s largest auto manufacturer, General Motors – one of the world’s biggest auto groups, and Liuzhou Wuling Motors – one of the famous auto companies specializing in light truck manufacturing with more than 40 years of experience.

About TC Motor Vietnam Company, it is a subsidiary of TCMH (Tan Chong Motors Holdings Berhad) – one of the pioneers of the Malaysian automotive industry whose principal activities include assembly and distribution of motor vehicles, after-sales services and spare parts, education, trading and motor related financial services. TCMV has invested heavily in the field of assembling and distributing light truck, vans, and buses in Vietnam.

With over 10 years of operation experience, the latest manufacturing facilities and a dedicated team of highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable workforce, TCMV commits to bringing to our customers the best product value from major global brands, with high-quality products and competitive prices suitable for the Vietnamese market.

Therefore, this cooperation between TCMV and SGMW promises to usher in new exciting changes in the light truck and van market in Vietnam. With vehicle design benefitting from GM’s advanced technology and promoting the trend of safe light trucks with ABS brakes and driving features in order to meet diverse needs, Wuling’s products are the customer’s first choice in terms of excellent efficiency and safety of transportation operations to the customers.

Specifically, all three vehicles are equipped with GM technology engines that meet Euro 5 emission standards, providing durable performance and fuel economy while also showing environmental friendliness. In addition, the firm suspension system also helps these vehicles easily conquer the journeys of different kinds of terrain. In particular, the Wuling Sunshine 1.2, Wuling Brilliance 1.5 and Wuling Brilliance Van are equipped with ABS feature, which is absent in the products of our competitors in the same segment, making the vehicles safer to operate and building driving confidence.

Assessing the launch of new products in the Vietnamese market right in the midst of epidemic, Mr. Lawrence Lee Jiunn Shyan, General Director of TCMV commented: “The Covid-19 pandemic continues to create difficulties for businesses and the economy, bringing continuous hardship to every family and company in Vietnam. The truck market is no exception to its impact and launching new product amid the pandemic outbreak can be seen as a bold decision.

However, despite all the challenges arising from this pandemic, the Vietnamese economy is forecast to grow strongly this year led by strong export revenues. In the first 5 months of the year, the sales of commercial vehicles increased by 10.8% and the passenger segment increased by 4.2%, compared to the same period in 2020. The light truck market in the first 5 months of 2021 also increased by 21% compared with last year. With such positive progress, the management of TCMV is optimistic to bring new exceptional products to the market at this time”.

Besides, General Director of TCMV added: “With the close cooperation between TCMV and SGMW, we now introduce three new Wuling products to the Vietnam light truck segment which are Wuling Sunshine 1.2L light truck, the Wuling Brilliance 1.5L light truck and Wuling Brilliance Van. In introducing these excellent products to local businesses, we have established an extensive dealer network which offers comprehensive sales and after-sale support nationwide”.

“Our dealers have been fully trained in product knowledge, sale management process, service knowledge and technologies related to vehicle repair and maintenance. At this moment, we continue to draw strong interests from many potential dealers which will add to our planned expansion of our network in the near future”, said Mr. Lawrence about the development direction in the future.

Along with the launch of three models, TCMV is also implementing a promotion program “Go Wuling – No worry maintenance” with the value of up to 10 million VND for a single voucher. For more detailed information about Wuling’s promotions and products, customers can follow them at https://wuling.com.vn