June 29, 2021
Experience driving a truck in the city that drivers need to know

Experience driving a truck in the city that drivers need to know

Driving a truck in the city is always a challenging problem for drivers, especially in Vietnam, where large cities always have dense and complicated traffic. And it is clear that even experienced drivers will have more or less trouble when driving in the crowded downtown. Busy intersections in big cities require drivers to have a wide view of all directions, and skillful driving ability. Here are some tips for getting some of the best driving experience in dynamic cities, which truck drivers need to know.

– Master Road Traffic Law.

– Master the features and indicators on the dashboard

– Pay attention to the positions of oil change, coolant change, glasses cleaner, air filter…

– Check tire pressure, and know how to change tires…

– Before driving, you need to make a habit of checking 4 tires, to make sure that the wheels still have the necessary weight, or there are no obstacles under the tires.

– Always turn on the left turn signal before allowing the vehicle to move slowly if the vehicle is parking near the curb

– Maintain a moderate speed, do not go too fast, because other vehicles moving on the road may crash into your vehicle and cause an accident.

– Maintain a safe distance from moving vehicles ahead

– Always pay attention to open the mirror in order to get a clear view of behind cars

– Keep the truck move on the right pat and lane of the roadway, give way to oncoming vehicles that want to turn

– Limit overtaking on narrow roads. If you must pass, you must be qualified to pass (such as the vehicle in front that decelerates, or does not have any obstacles ahead). Before overtaking, it is necessary to observe carefully to have the best sense of space.

– Do not steer suddenly when the road is crowded

– Avoid braking urgently because it may hit the vehicles ahead and make the behind ones not able to handle in time.

– When traveling in a traffic jam area, ensure that the clutch pedal and brake handle are always ready. Limit pressing throttle, use 2 or 1 gear to move

– Do not use phones or other devices which cause distraction while driving. If you must listen to the phone, it is recommended to use hands-free mode or via Bluetooth.

– Stay relax: When driving a truck, especially at rush hours, the drivers need to determine the mentality of the complex traffic situation or prolonged congestion. Having a relaxed mind in traffic will help drivers reduce stress or inhibition

– Know your route well: Some routes may ban trucks at certain times. Knowing the route well will help the drivers to be active in moving. In addition, if there are many situations that obstruct the travel on the going route, the drivers will also be more flexible because they have preparation in advance.

– Minimize using honks: only use when absolutely necessary, avoid causing more suffocation and stress for both yourself and other people.

– To minimize potential hazards, do not accelerate rapidly when the traffic light turns green and do not attempt to pass quickly when it’s going to turn red.

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