July 29, 2021
Wuling Thai Binh Dealer officially introduced new products

On 24 July 2021, Wuling Thai Binh Dealer organized a Display and Introduction the new product lines under Wuling in Thai Binh Province. Both 2 type of vehicles were aggregated at the TCMV plant, a subsidiary of Malaysia’s Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, placed in the Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam.

Located in a convenient traffic location, Thai Binh Dealer has built and completed facilities according to the standards of brand’s global identity, with the motto of providing professional after-sales service and warranty, following to Wuling Motors Vietnam Distributor’s guide. The event was taken place under the strictly commitment with 5K regulations and the direction of Ministry of Health.

Wuling Thai Binh Dealer event

Two models appeared in the display and introduction event are so-called Wuling Sunshine 1.2 and Wuling Brilliance 1.5 light trucks. These are two of the three products dedicated to our country by Wuling Motors Vietnam and TCMV, besides the Brilliance Van. Both products are equipped with technology engines General Motors – the giant of the world car manufacturing industry. Therefore, both Sunshine 1.2 and Brilliance 1.5 offer durable but fuel-efficient operation.

The double-reinforced rear suspension is also another strong point that makes Sunshine 1.2 impress customers witnessing at the exhibition. Besides, Brilliance 1.5 also shows to attract attention with its large box size, and receives positive feedback from those who are interested in freight solutions.

Brilliance 1.5 light truck

In particular, more prominent than many products in the same segment, both Wuling-branded small trucks introduced at Thai Binh Dealer are equipped with ABS brakes, helping to ensure safety for both people drivers and goods during transportation.

In addition to nationwide after-sales support, customers who buy Wuling light trucks from July 11 to August 15 will also receive a preferential maintenance package of up to VND 10 million. Customers can contact TCMV at hotline 1800282818 for more information.