June 25, 2021
03 tips for truck drivers to control the vehicles during the journey

In order to avoid the unfortunate situations that can happen to both drivers and road users, truck-controllers need to pay special attention to crucial notes to keep the safe on every journey.

Driving a vehicle in a complex traffic environment like in Vietnam is not easy, and even more difficult for truck controllers. Therefore, the truck driver should be very careful and skillful to move safely. They need to accumulate experience on the road, as well as grasp the following notes to always be in control of all situations on the road.

  1. Checking the operating system regularly

In the actual situation on the road, there are many accidents caused by the breaking of operating system. Most of them derive from disabled safety functions in the car, which are not discovered by the drivers. It’s explained why the drivers have to face the high risk of accident that require fast response (downhill, slippery roads or bad weather), they will find it difficult to handle if the control system are deactivated.

In order to make sure that every situation is under control, in addition to ensuring high concentration as well as improving the ability to handle situations, drivers need monitor the vehicle’s condition on a regular basis. At the same time, they also need to plan periodic maintenance with special important parts, such as the brake system (front brake, rear brake), transmission, tires … If anything out of the ordinary happens, they need to be fixed before the vehicle can be rolled back on the road.

  1. Pay attention for the weights

Depending on the purpose of use, every truck is designed with different its size and level of load. However, many drivers often violate the load regulations when being in traffic. This is extremely dangerous for the vehicle, as it not only affects the performance of the tire and engine, but also makes the driver hard to control the vehicles. In addition, if the truck plunges downhill, the driver will be put in a tough situation to manage the speed, which causes serious damage to the brake system.

Therefore, for more safety guarantee, the drivers need to strictly comply with size and load regulations and follow to the law of the state management agencies. If you need to deliver the abundantly large number of goods, you should also consider using some mid-size trucks with large cargo, such as Wuling Brilliance 1.5.

With the design of the wheelbase and the box width larger than most competitors in the same segment, Wuling Brilliance 1.5 is capable of transporting large-sized goods. In addition to its outstanding carrying capacity, the Wuling Brilliance 1.5 also shows a strong and powerful Euro-5 engine with GM technology, the suspension is ready to conquer all difficult roads. At the same time, the truck also feels more convenient and safer with the electric power steering system and ABS brakes.

  1.  Stay conscious and concentrated

When behind the wheel, drivers need to make sure they are always at the most sober status quo. It’s explained that during the process of traffic on the road, just a small mistake or a lack of concentration in a very short period of time can cause unfortunate accidents. Always paying attention to developments on the road, being firm on the steering wheel and steady on the accelerator will be the inductions that help the driver always control all dangerous situations.

Therefore, drivers need to stay away from stimulants or alcoholic beverages such as liquor or beer to always have high concentration when in traffic.

Readers can monitor and update more information related to safe driving instructions at wuling.com.vn